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What are the different status codes available in the DHL Shipment tracking - Unified API?

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The status codes for the Shipment Tracking - Unified API are the following: pre-transit, transit, delivered, failure, and unknown. You can find more information about this in the API documentation under Reference Docs, then click on the "GET" Endpoint, scroll down, and click "Show Data Schema" under the Code 200 section.

Definitions of status codes for regular shipments:

Pre-transit: Currently awaiting shipment, and tracking will be updated when received

Transit: Carrier has accepted or picked up the shipment from the shipper. The shipment is on the way

Delivered: The shipment was delivered successfully

Failure: The shipment could not be delivered. This may be for the following reasons: no name on the doorbell; recipient has moved; recipient could not be found based on the address details provided on the shipment. A shipment encounters an unforeseen event, e.g., customs, expired (consignee doesn’t pick up from service point), returned, etc.

Unknown: A simplified status code is not available.

Additional status Codes like: "Out for Delivery", "Return to Origin", and "Ready for Pick-up", are planned to be added to the API but are not available yet.

Note: The Shipment Tracking - Unified API connects to many backends to receive shipment data. As a result, these status codes may differ depending on the DHL division.

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